Jumping at Upsurge Decatur

All Jump times are non-transferable.  Once it is scheduled and paid for it is yours. If you are late or miss your reserved time for whatever reason…We are sorry but we will not be able to refund your money.

Upsurge Grip Socks will be $3 per pair.  This is for Safety reasons as per our insurance and for cleanliness reasons.  Imagine thousands and thousands of sweaty feet  on these trampolines…Not just any grip socks will work.  We are sorry but in order to keep things moving in a timely fashion we need our STAFF to be able to recognize our socks at a glance.  You may however keep up with your socks and use on return visits.

Adult Supervision is required at all times other than TEEN NIGHT. At UpSurge we Expect everyone to behave as ladies and gentlemen.  ZERO TOLERANCE. Please respect Yourselves, as well as the STAFF, And other Guests.  If you Fail to follow the rules and/or are disrespectful to others your waiver will be Flagged which will prevent you from purchasing future tickets.